Versatility 7"dessert cake plate L18.2*H1.5cm Custom

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Versatility  7"dessert cake plate L18.2*H1.5cm

Versatility 7"dessert cake plate L18.2*H1.5cm

1.Product introduction
  • 100% Eco friendly, Biodegradable and compostablebagasse pulp plate
  • 100% Made from Natural Fiber, without any chemical additives
  • 100% Microwavable catering plate
  • Up to 100 degrees Celsius in hot Water resistance
  • Up to 100 degrees Celsius in hot Oil resistance

2.Product specification
Item No.: DF-P102 Type: Dishes&plates
Material: Sugarcane pulp Color: White
Weight: 9g Size: L18.2*H1.5cm
Packing: 1000pcs/ctn Volume: 0.031cbm/ctn

catering industry, daily household, food packaging etc.

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We aim to build long lasting trustworthy & mutually beneficial partnerships by offering our premium range of high quality biodegradable and organic tableware products. By offering such a wide range of unique eco-friendly products, we believe in offering choices that reduce society's impact on air, water, and soil, fossils and thus help build a sustainable future for the generations ahead.

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As China OEM/ODM Versatility 7"dessert cake plate L18.2*H1.5cm Suppliers and Factory, Zhejiang Jiadebao Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of the gold coast, in the middle of a emerging city---Taizhou.Our company is specialized in the production of disposable pulp environmental tableware. We have more than 500 employees and 80 are technicians, The area of our company is 62,000 square meters. We have 14 modern pulp tableware production lines, and the annual output can reach 800 million pieces. The scale of production and technical power are on the top in the domestic enterprises.

The raw material of our environmental tableware is mainly sugarcane plant fiber pulp.The finished products have the advantages of aesthetically pleasing, white and strong, heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and so on, they are in line with the national health and environmental protection regulations, and passed the SGS test (biodegradable and environmental) in 2005.

Our company has a strong technical force that we can design new products, make processing and guarantee quality, what is better, we can design different types of plates, bowls and takeout boxes according to customers’ needs.At present, we supply custom Versatility 7"dessert cake plate L18.2*H1.5cm, our products have been sold well in Europe, America, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries and regions, And products are popular by customers.

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Product Overview

Versatility 7"dessert cake plate L18.2*H1.5cm is made of sugarcane pulp material, it is strong and durable, beautiful hafty surface finish, safe for heating in both microwave and oven. It has good gift-giving quality and good sales performance in many areas, especially suitable for restaurants and hotels as regular dinnerware products.This plate is made from sugarcane pulp, a natural and renewable resource. It’s both durable and lightweight, allowing you to hold up to seven desserts or appetizers in one place. Perfect for buffets, parties and catering events.This Brilliantly White 7" Flat Dessert Plate is made of 100% high quality, beautifully textured Sugarcane Pulp that has a rich natural white color and matte finish. It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable. Our plates are sturdy enough for your heavy desserts, yet light enough to hold with one hand. This plate is highly versatile and would be an excellent option for any restaurant, buffet or event!This product features a simple, modern and minimalist design, the perfect combination of green and white. The pure white color is easy to match with any tableware, while the curved edge gives users a comfortable hand-held feeling. The white color can make your dessert look more fresh and clean. Suitable for all kinds of occasions!

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