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Zhejiang Jiadebao Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of the gold coast, in the middle of a emerging city---Taizhou. As

disposable tableware manufacturers, sugarcane tableware suppliers and factory in China

, our company is specialized in the production of disposable pulp environmental tableware. We have more than 500 employees and 80 are technicians, The area of our company is 62,000 square meters. We have 14 modern pulp tableware production lines, and the annual output can reach 800 million pieces. The scale of production and technical power are on the top in the domestic enterprises. The raw material of our environmental tableware is mainly sugarcane plant fiber pulp.

The finished products have the advantages of aesthetically pleasing, white and strong, heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, non-toxic and so on, they are in line with the national health and environmental protection regulations, and passed the SGS test (biodegradable and environmental) in 2005.


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